Thanks, RTM, for a great movie

THANK you RTM for screening the critically acclaimed Hindi movie Pink over TV2 on Wednesday at 9.30pm.

I hope men who think of women as “lesser beings” watched it and caught the important lesson from this great cinematic work, ie, when a woman says “No”, it means no!

It does not matter if she is your friend, a girlfriend, a sex worker or even your own wife. When she says no, you STOP!

Another point highlighted in the movie is how society is wrongly putting its effort into “saving” boys.

“We should save our boys, because if we save our boys, then our girls will be safe.” What this means is that it’s always the girls that need to cover up, lest the guys cannot handle themselves.

Once again, thank you RTM. May we get more such critically acclaimed films shown over your Hindi blockbuster movies’ slot.


Butterworth, Penang


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