Revenue galore from traffic fines if authorities take action

Every day, we see motorists breaking the law by, for example, parking their vehicles illegally, entering the yellow boxes and driving recklessly.

These traffic offences are being committed by the hour and in plain sight, yet the authorities do not seem to want to take action on the persons involved. If action is taken against them, I think the amount of fines that can be collected can easily pass a few million ringgit daily. The money can be collected without any problems because the offenders have no recourse to complain.

I suggest that the government increases the number of enforcement officers and dispatch them daily to write out summonses on every street, highway and parking lot throughout the country.

The result would be a win-win situation for the authorities, as they would not only have lots of revenue at the end of the day but would also discipline the traffic offenders. Currently, many roads are blocked due to double parking but the offenders are not afraid because enforcement is poor and there is hardly any traffic police around to issue summonses to them. Therefore, if the government badly needs revenue, its enforcement authorities should go after those who flout traffic rules and issue summonses to them.