Great service all round in this small gem of a hospital

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  • Monday, 27 May 2019

WITH reference to the letter headlined “Family members doing the nurse’s job” (The Star, May 25; online at, I would like to share my views.

First and foremost, one should be proud of the medical services provided by the government.

My stay, after being admitted into a government hospital in a small town for five days, was remarkable.

The total number of beds in the male ward were 37. Two rooms were airconditioned and the rest had ceiling fans above each bed; all had

the usual nurse call button, oxygen supply port, etc.

There were six nurses and two doctors plus two consultants and two attendents.

My treatment, after being admitted via the emergency department, began within two hours.

I was transferred to a general ward and then moved into a six-bed airconditioned room, but there was only one other patient there.

The nurses were really busy with the patients, as they would take readings every hour of two from all the patients.

There were two patients who had difficulty in defecating and urinating; the nurses did the necessary to alleviate the patients’ problems.

There were loved ones around who did offer some assistance, no doubt. This time, despite it being the fasting month, I couldn’t see any lapses in services.

Generally, the nurses were very busy with documentation. And not forgetting the one particular lady who would go around to make sure the medication was correct.

Ward doctors did their rounds. Cleanliness was very good indeed.

There was always the human touch, and there was never any racial discrimination, and everyone was very polite indeed.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of the staff members who attended to me so well.


Bentong, Pahang


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