Socso: We are reviewing and improving portal

THE Social Security Organisation (Socso) wishes to thank readers of The Star for their comments in the letters, “Socso portal needs to be more user-friendly” (May 16) and “Old Socso portal was more efficient” (May 17).

The organisation introduced the Automated Socso Integrated System (Assist) in January 2018 to ease the process of company registration (for both employers and employees), Socso contribution management, and contribution collection.

Through this portal, employers can manage their company’s registration or update company information at any time and anywhere, while at the same time, the security level was strengthened to ensure the safety and integrity of the data submitted by the employers.

The usability of the Assist portal is streamlined from time to time to suit the current technological environment. If there is a need, improvements will be made to further facilitate the company registration process, updating of information and upgrading the classification of employer and employee information. This is to enhance the portal’s effectiveness and efficiency.

Meanwhile, the iPerkeso portal was introduced as an interim solution to the critical need for a system that would facilitate registration, contribution and collection transactions for employers.

As the user base continues to grow, Socso has embarked on a more robust system with enhanced security and other features to offer a comprehensive set of services, including the management of benefits for insured persons under Socso’s various schemes. This is expected to be rolled out in 2020.

Socso has already started making improvements to the system’s user interface and we appreciate the support, patience and understanding that the users have shown.

The Assist portal is Socso’s bold transformational move to integrate information and communications technology (ICT) facilities with Socso’s main services, starting from the early stage when a company is registered. Socso understands the acceptance of any new system by users will need a period of adjustment as users become accustomed to the changes. We value the feedback we receive as it helps the continuous improvement we make moving forward.

Socso is stepping up its efforts to improve the Assist portal to ensure that users have a positive experience when completing their transactions online. An initiative is currently being undertaken to review, simplify and enhance the user interface following feedback such as from these readers.

On the maintenance issue, like any other ICT system, it is a requirement to ensure that the system operates optimally and to ensure a high degree of availability to users.

The normal practice is to carry out the exercise between 10pm and 2am weekly on Tuesdays and Fridays to ensure minimal disruption. While we strive to follow this schedule, there may be exceptions due to a need to introduce a new feature or to make further improvements to the system.

Starting this year, Socso no longer accepts payments for contributions over the counter except for the Self-Employed Employment Injury Scheme.

Regarding the reader’s concern about disclosing bank statement details, Socso requires only the employer’s January 2018 transaction with Socso to confirm the payment details.

The purpose of Socso’s request was to confirm and update payment details such as the payment date, cheque number and the issuing bank in our system. It is also to match the payment details with the employee contribution listing.

This is to comply with Socso’s standard operating procedures. Socso also strictly complies with Malaysia’s Personal Data Protection Act 2010.

Socso has always been transparent with its stakeholders and our annual reports are published every fourth quarter, yearly. They are readily available on our website as well as in hardcopy and on CD ROM if requested.


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