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  • Wednesday, 17 Apr 2019

I CAN understand the frustration of the writer of the letter “Real struggle to get mum’s aid money” (The Star, April 11). I too have experienced much difficulty in getting a matter settled.

I am helping a relative to claim death benefit under the Mesra Usia Emas scheme (SMUE) for funeral expenses of senior/disabled citizens.

The scheme is an initiative of the Selangor government for people living in the state, whereby members are eligible upon their death to receive financial aid for their burial. The registered next of kin can claim the funds at the service centre of the assemblyman near their area. The beneficiary is given RM2,500, which would be paid out in two phases.

We got all the documents required and submitted them at the service centre. However, we were informed by the service centre staff to wait for at least six months for the application to be processed despite the fact that RM1,000 should be paid out one day after the submission, as stated clearly on the claim form.

Over the next few months, my relative and I did many follow-up visits to the service centre to enquire on the progress of the application. We had to go to the service centre every time we wanted to know when the money would be paid out, but the reason given was always the same – the funds were not allocated yet and delay was due to the budgeting system adopted by the federal government.

The service centre staff finally advised the beneficiary to go to the SMUE administrative office in Shah Alam, which is 40km away. After a few more visits, he was given a token sum. It’s been nine months since the beneficiary submitted his first claim and he is yet to receive the full amount of RM2,500 as stated in the claim form.


Kuala Lumpur


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