This is a simple issue of integrity

DATUK Marzuki Yahya rode into a storm of controversy when it was revealed that his degree in Business Administration was obtained from Cambridge International University based in United States rather than the famous Cambridge University in Britain.

The issue is not whether a degree is essential for a person to qualify as a deputy minister. It does not matter whether one is a graduate or not in order to perform well as a deputy minister.

Rather, the effectiveness of a political leader depends on two factors, namely, moral character and competence.

In Marzuki’s case, it is not an issue of competence. Rather, it is an issue of integrity.

The question that should be asked is, “Did he or did he not mislead people into thinking that he is a graduate of the famous Cam­bridge University rather than the dubious one with similar name?”

If he has lied about his credentials, then can he be trusted to perform with integrity his job as a Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister?

The answer is obvious.


Sg Buloh, Selangor