Malaysians, here’s some good news to celebrate

AMID all the sombre news about the abuse and killing of stray dogs and landslides that kill workers, I’m here to say, Malaysians, we DO have much to celebrate!

I spend my summer holidays annually in Penang. This visit, I added into my holiday plan a drive down to Kuala Lumpur and Melaka.

To my surprise I had a good and memorable time just around Penang. The traffic was smooth and looking for a parking spot was not a major issue.

The pathways, back alleys and drainage system covering in the Unesco heritage site area of George Town are safer. The locals proved to have better maturity in their driving habits.

In particular, I’d like to express my admiration for Penang’s The Top@Komtar.

It was my first visit this month, and despite lacking the crowd, it was a facility worth visiting. I was impressed by what I witnessed at The Top.

The fact that staff members from different divisions make it a point to come together before the opening hours is a healthy sign. My visit was marked by members of staff who showed good professionalism through their dressing, facial expression (smiles), polite manners, good spoken English and helpfulness.

Besides these, I am equally impressed by the facilities provided at The Top. My visit to the Tech Dome was an interesting one because I got involved with the displays. There were stations where I could use my hands and eyes to work gadgets. The toilets were also professionally well cared for.

I congratulate the locals, not only Penangites, but more importantly all Malaysians, for moving forward positively.

I would like to take this opportunity to encourage Malaysians and foreigners alike to pay a visit to facilities such as The Top. Give them your support so that such projects can be further enhanced.

Well done to the Penang government on projects such as this and the other upgrades happening in George Town. But, while there are sure signs of growth, let us be mindful of the sensitivity surrounding the over-development of hill slopes on Penang Island.

Well done, Malaysia!


Tanjung Bungah, Penang

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