Abusing a service intended for the disabled

NOWADAYS we are more caring and sympathetic towards the disabled, or OKU (orang kurang upaya).

In Seremban, the town council advocates parking bays for this group. Banks, clinics, supermarkets and other establishments make it a point to reserve at least one parking space for cars with special needs drivers or passengers so they have easy access to where they want to go.

But then there is the other group of people who hog those parking areas even when neither they nor their passengers are OKU. Some park their vehicles next to the special lots in such a way that makes it almost impossible to squeeze in.

Others park alongside, blocking the path. Still others turn the special lots into their own motorcycle bays.

Bona fide drivers with OKU stickers carrying passengers with valid OKU cards issued by the Welfare Department can only look upon this sight and sigh heavily at being unable to use the facility provided.

To locate those who park anywhere they want would be a hassle. And some may not take too kindly to being asked to vacate the lot. You do not want to confront such people....

Which brings me to wonder if we are dealing with a new type of OKU, or as I call them, otak kurang upaya.

We need to spare some thought for people with special needs. Perhaps the management providing the special lots could find ways to make sure this service is not abused and used indiscriminately.


Rasah Kemayan, Negri Sembilan

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