Unhealthy practices threaten Kenyir Lake ecosystem

KENYIR Lake is an amazing place to visit with its abundance of wildlife and breathtaking sceneries!

Last month, we were there on board a large pontoon houseboat, cruising and fishing for three days while enjoying the unspoilt beauty and serenity of this vast lake ecosystem.

Our greatest disappointment while on the houseboat was to learn that the sewerage from the toilets was flushed directly into the lake without any prior treatment and the water for the showers and sinks was drawn directly from the lake.

We were shocked beyond belief that such practices are still permitted in Kenyir Lake where the ecosystem is so carefully preserved and protected.

Furthermore, this practice can pose a major health risk for visitors with young children or seniors with a weaker immune system and are prone to sickness. I am not a medical expert but having raised two children and being a senior myself, I have experienced these issues.

Is what we experienced normal for Kenyir Lake or is it just someone blatantly violating the law? I hope the local authorities would look into this and stop such practices to preserve the ecosystem and also prevent the spread of diseases.


Subang Jaya

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