When East and West meet

THE front page The Star yesterday carried a very important photo of US President Donald Trump meeting North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Singapore. The main theme of their discussion is said to have been denuclearisation.

Why do countries spend billions on something so dangerous and perhaps not necessary? Such sums would be better spent on economic and technological development.

Besides, all countries with nuclear weapons should be sensible enough to know that once a nuclear war begins, it will be a tragedy for all of humankind, marking the downfall of humanity.

We look forward to the day when North Korea abandons its nuclear stockpiles and works with the rest of the world on global development in all aspects.

I remember once we were at the border between South and North Korea, and our tour guide said, “You can’t go over there, though it is very near.” North Korea should open its doors to tourists and start gaining foreign exchange instead of isolating itself from global friendship.