Give government pensioners good news too

I REFER to the report “PM: Good news for public servants” (The Star, Oct 4) on Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s Budget 2018 promise of good news for government workers.

While we laud the Government’s continuous initiatives and improvements for serving public sector employees, it is hoped that government pensioners will not be forgotten.

They generally fall into two categories, namely those having served for more than 25 years and those who have served for less than 25 years.

While those with more than 25 years of service have had their monthly pensions upgraded and revised to a minimum of RM820, those with less than 25 years of service appear to have been forgotten and are languishing with less than RM500 monthly.

It is my fervent hope that our Prime Minister would consider a minimum monthly pension of RM500 for public sector pensioners with less than 25 years of service. This is especially seen as urgent and a necessity as the poverty rate is currently at RM720.


Kamunting, Perak

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