Authorities must take action

I REFER to the letter “Of selfish drivers and traffic snarls” (The Star, March 17) and find that the bad culture of some motorists is due to the inaction of the traffic police and local authorities over parking violations on public roads.

It is not uncommon to find inconsiderate motorists parking their cars along No Parking or No Waiting stretches of the road, in the process causing traffic congestion.

This happens at Jalan Riang 11 along the Happy Garden wet

market every morning. Even with several No Parking signs there many motorists still park their cars there.

Besides double parking in other areas, especially where there are eating stalls or banks, people also like to park their cars at the very corner of the road junction, obstructing other vehicles trying to enter the road.

I call upon City Hall to send their enforcement team to take action for all such parking violations.


Kuala Lumpur