Drivers should be more courteous

TWICE taxi drivers rammed into my car after picking up their passengers. They just swerved out without looking at the car driving by.

Sadly, each time I had to pick up the bills for the repairs to my car, costing me a few hundred ringgit. I did so because on both occassions the drivers appealed to me, apologising and relating how hard it was for them to earn a living. I empathised with them.

Ever since, I have become quite phobic of taxis picking up customers. I’ve learnt to be extra cautious when approaching such vehicles parked at the side of roads.

Thankfully (and keeping my fingers crossed), I have not met with any such incident since. However, there have been many near misses.

Most of the time when seeing a fast outcoming taxi, I will tap my horn to alert them. Some taxi drivers will raise their hand in apology, while others look unhappy.

I have also seen many other vehicles being hit in almost similar fashion.

I can’t help but think that there might be something amiss with some taxis after picking up passengers. They don’t look at vehices driving by and do not use their signal.

Recently, I encountered another near miss. However, this time, the driver chased after me, until the next traffic light. He rolled down his window and scolded me.

He possibly misunderstood my tap on the horn alerting him of my car coming up beside him and indicated to me he had not knocked into my car. He then zoomed off.

I understand that earning a living driving a taxi is hard. However, although we may be driving private vehicles, some of us too may also be working hard to earn a living.

I therefore appeal to all drivers, not just taxi drivers, please take extra precaution and put into practice always all the necessary safety measures and steps when driving your vehicles out. Signal, look and then only go.

Let’s not waste our hard earned money repairing cars when we should be using the money on better things, like on our family and children.

If we just can be a little more careful or cautious, and not forgetting courteous, we can prevent more accidents.


Kuala Lumpur