Enforce smoking ban strictly to make it work

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  • Tuesday, 01 Jul 2014

THE Government has recently decided to ban smoking at R&R areas along major highways.

Globally many countries have banned smoking in restaurants, and even pubs, be they airconditioned or not. There are cities even contemplating banning smoking on the streets.

Malaysia still has a long way to go here. All restaurants be they airconditioned or not should ban smoking. Simply put, any outlet a child can patronise should be smoke-free. It not only protects the child, but also teaches them that smoking is a bad habit.

This law should be strictly enforced, only then will it work. The owners of the restaurants should be held liable, it is within the scope of running an outlet.

It is amazing that people can refrain from smoking during a 12-hour flight, but cannot do so when having an half-hour meal in a restaurant.


Petaling Jaya

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