End the cycle of littering

I’M so happy and relieved that there are people like Sharyn Shufiyan and her mother who don’t give a second thought about getting out of a car to throw back the rubbish that another driver had thrown out thoughtlessly (Aren’t we all dirty minded? Tapestry, Star2, June 8).

I’ve long wanted to do that whenever I see people treating the public roads like a rubbish dump. Reading Sharyn’s column has given me more courage to do what is right and remind people that public places are not their garbage dump, and that they cannot just litter as and when they like.

Once, I saw a woman in a car parked near my daughter’s primary school compound throwing out a drink packet from her car just as I was walking towards the school gate with my two children.

I was so furious that I stepped up to the car, picked up the rubbish, stood right beside her car window, shook my head, and then took the time to explain to my two children that what this woman had done was wrong, and what she could’ve done as a civilized parent. I hoped she could hear and see me clearly, as I took the rubbish with me to dispose of properly.

I was really disappointed and upset by her action, and thought how ironic it was that it happened in front of a primary school where young children are taught not to litter. How could she have done that without a second thought, and what would her child have learnt from her irresponsible act?

That is how the cycle will continue, and our public places will forever be treated as a big and convenient rubbish dump. Maybe I should have just knocked on her window and asked her to take back what she’d thrown out – that might have had a greater impact on her, enough to end the cycle even.


Petaling Jaya, Selangor

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