All The Pieces Matter

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All the pieces matter

Fight feudalism fairly

IN the developing conflict between monarchs, politicians and the government, the question of feudalism has once again been raised.

All the pieces matter

Misplaced moralising in a multipolar world

AL-JAZEERA columnist Belen Fernandez wrote an article arguing that the intense outpouring of grief and emotion at the burning of the cathedral of Notre Dame – an inanimate object – was “misplaced”, compared to the suffering of tens or hundreds of thousands of human beings around the world.

All the pieces matter

Constitutional crises come when constitutions lack clarity

The current Johor controversy conceivably commences from this clause – (Art 4.(2)(a), Second Part, Johor Constitution)

All the pieces matter

Rule by democracy or rule by blackmail?

The rakyat gave the government a mandate in GE14 to rule according to its principles – not anyone else’s.

All the pieces matter

Amri and Koh: Police state or a nation of laws?

SUHAKAM (the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia) commissioner Datuk Mah Weng Kai delivered earth-shattering news today (April 3) regarding the disappearances of NGO activist Amri Che Mat and Pastor Raymond Koh.

All the pieces matter

Hype vs reality: What did Nurul Izzah really say?

MY previous column was about sensational gravity – the tendency for public discourse to gravitate towards the sensational.

All the pieces matter

Sensational gravity

Media evolution, and developments in the world, show that the more extreme and controversial the statement, the more likely that it will become the focal point for discourse.

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