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A Bahasa Malaysia for all

Universities are not effective agents of social change if they can’t play a part in strengthening and upholding the national language.

Over the Top

A Malaysian Christmas Carol

‘Tis the season for the classic novel by Charles Dickens. But its important and enduring messages are relevant to us all year round, and the sooner we heed them, the better we’ll be as a nation.

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Rebuild Malaysia from within

Instead of pinning our hopes on elected reps, who have often been disappointing, we ordinary Malaysians should work together to make the changes we want.

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Manifesto priorities on my mind

If GE15 sees the entry of a Third Force, what should it promise to do? Malaysians must make themselves heard on the changes they want.

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Extremist views chipping away at the Malaysia I know

WHEN I'm asked whether Malaysia will exist in the next decade or so, my answer is that we will see a Semenanjung Tanah Melayu 2.0 and the real Malaysia will be Sabah and Sarawak. Peninsular Malaysia is a "gone case".

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