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A Malaysian runner’s lament

When we stop caring for others and don’t see beyond our own needs, we’ll be stuck in a rat race.


Oh, to live and let live!

TAKING a break from visiting relatives and friends over the Hari Raya holidays, I took some time to read while having coffee at a cafe. I was deprived of this favourite activity of mine over the fasting month, as most outlets ban Muslims from eating and drinking at their premises during the day throughout Ramadan.


Herd immunity vs herd mentality

The first inoculation may have been less than ethical scientifically, but there’s no reason to listen to the Voldemort of the anti-vaccination movement.


Respecting the month of Ramadan

Instead of policing others, use this month to reflect on our own spiritual improvements.


Syariah dreams and harsh reality

We do need law reform, but not the type of reform tabled in Parliament recently.


What are we teaching our children?

The young absorb what we adults do and unknowingly teach, thus it is our responsibility to be exemplary.


A woman’s place is her space

Women should be allowed the freedom to choose where they should be.


Reclaiming Malaysian conversations

We should take up discourses that allow a richer, more meaningful understanding of religion and cultural sensitivities to allow society to attain a measure of peace within its diversity.


The policing of private lives

Today, the fabric of Malaysian society has been distorted by the growing power of religious authorities.

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