Unique Johor dishes

The region of southern Peninsular Malaysia is made of two southern most states: Malacca and Johor.

This week, we look at Johor, the third largest state in Peninsula Malaysia. The name Johor was taken from an Arabic word, Jauhar which means jewels. This explains the influence of early Arabs who traded spices here.

The multifaceted culture and ethnic mix evident in Johor today can be traced back through the centuries when it was fought over by the Malays, Javanese, Portugese, Dutch, Bugis and British because of the spice trade.

As everything else, food in Johor is very much influenced by the Arabs, Bugis, Javanese and the surrounding Malay Archipelago. The dishes have a unique blend of ingredients that are not found in other parts of our country.

Ayam Briyani.

One of its famous dishes is Laksa Johor. It is different from other laksas because coconut milk is added to the gravy and spaghetti is used instead of rice noodles.

Another popular dish is Nasi Briyani Gam, a rich dish that is cooked with lots of herbs and spices. This dish is very popular in Batu Pahat.

Soto Ayam is made from spicy chicken stock which can be served with rice cakes or noodles according to preference.

In Johor, Yong Tau Foo is served like a noodle soup compared to the ones found in the central region where it is served with thick sauces.

Today, I will share three other recipes from Johor which you can try out.

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