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Criminal law protects an orderly society

But the debate about whether an immoral act can be criminalised will probably never end.

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Automation and the good work

In the civilisational history of Islam, there was a discipline of building automatons, tools to assist with construction work, and structures at rivers and cisterns that transported water essential to life and ritual worship.

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Halal initiatives and sustainable living

Sustainable production and consumption are consistent with Quranic verses and prophetic traditions.

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Lost treasures on ethics in Islam

Educated Muslims today should regain this wisdom as part of their personal self-transformation programme, to complement the various transformation initiatives already in place.

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Socially responsible entrepreneurship

Trade and business have a special position in Islam as a way of earning a living, but they should not have any adverse effect on the interest and well-being of other stakeholders.

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Coping with suicide from the Islamic perspective

One of the religion’s five foundational goals is preservation of life, which in turn guides Muslims not to take their own lives.

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Internet wellness for children

Set limits, set an example and provide the right support and environment so that the young can navigate the cyber world wisely.

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The need for a strong ageing support system

An increasingly elderly population challenges not only our nation’s economy but most importantly, our humanity.

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An inclusive Malaysia needs ‘intrapreneurs’

To bridge economic divides, we need to redefine entrepreneurship and reinvent the corporation.

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Disaster education increases community resilience

HAVE you ever heard the story of a girl named Tilly Smith? On Dec 26, 2004, Tilly and her family went to Phuket, Thailand, for a Christmas holiday. While at Maikhao Beach, she sensed something was not right.

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‘Tabayyun’ in the age of social media

Sharing is not always caring, for we are responsible for verifying information before we forward it.

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Preparing for Internet wellness

Online conduct that’s wise and positive helps us have a healthy lifestyle.

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