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Teaching, a noble and challenging job

Today, our educators not only are expected to complete the school syllabus and ensure students score well in examinations but to also help solve problems faced by the nation.

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Islam and sustainable consumption

If we recognise that the ecological crisis is a reflection of a spiritual crisis, we will deal with the situation differently.

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Work and the state of mind

Because of its impact on workers’ well-being and productivity, occupational mental health deserves more attention.

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Corruption of knowledge halts progress

Today we find ourselves confused between knowledge, information, conjecture, theories, and speculation.

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Graft and environmental unsustainability

Corrupt acts not only damage the environment, but distort national development priorities and undermine our social and political stability.

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The passion behind writing

Historically, Islamic civilisation has had a long love affair with books, with readers competing against each other to buy exclusive first copies.

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The importance of legality principle

In both Islamic and non-Islamic criminal theory, you cannot charge, convict and punish a person for an act which has not been made an offence by law.

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Harmonisation of religion and state

Islam aims to build the whole man and does not leave politics to so-called secular Rulers.

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Maintain good cognitive health

We should use our minds fully as mental inactivity can hinder our development mentally, emotionally, physically and socially.

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Ombudsmen have role in fighting crime

The Quran calls for a band of people to enjoin what is good and forbid what is wrong, a concept which can provide guidelines in the making of criminal law.

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Promoting religious interaction

For two-and-a-half decades, Ikim has focused on creating inter-religious understanding and good relations among Malaysia’s multi-cultural society.

IKIM Views

Fostering a society focused on sustainability

Islam supports the preservation and conservation of the environment for the benefit of creation as a whole.

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