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Be kind to others, kindness is contagious

Not only will our good deeds make an impact on others, but they will also encourage others to pass them on.

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Islam, charity and business

The Islamic charitable model has created a rich legacy of legal precedents and has inspired similar applications in other cultures.

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Applying Advance Medical Directive

Islam allows its application in end-of-life decision-making, but there may be issues which have to be addressed

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From debt to equity venture

Islam permits trade but forbids usury, so proper Islamic banking and finance should take the investment-inclusion approach.

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Bringing health and wellness in Islam

Malaysia’s wealth of biodiversity could be turned into natural and traditional medicines, giving us an advantage in the Islamic wellness industry.

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Beyond scientific materialism

If we only accept empirical evidence as rational, we will be unable to answer metaphysical questions and questions dealing with values, ethics and morality.

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Emotional politics and the reasonable voter

In any election, voters should properly assess the issues at hand and take care not to be swayed by inflammatory rhetoric or sentiment.

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Nature of man, work, and happiness

The right worldview sees everything in its proper place, as a condition of justice.

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Consume food in moderation

Prophet Muhammad set the example of how to break fast, and overeating goes against what he practised.

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The link between the intellect and fasting

Ramadan is not just about physical self-control but also about spiritual, intellectual self-regulation.

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A race towards enduring values

During our lives, we compete with one another in our worship of God and in acts of moral goodness.

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Welcoming the blessed month

Ramadan is a gift from God and a chance to take a spiritual journey which purifies hearts, minds and souls.

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