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Creating employment for youths

Few jobs match the level of education of young graduates and low-paying jobs are also a challenge, so entrepreneurship could be the solution.

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Concern over Fourth Industrial Revolution

There is danger in rushing to embrace a concept yet to address the overwhelming of our human analytical capabilities by technology’s exponentially increasing ability.

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A word of caution on cryptocurrency

Be very careful about syariah compliance when trading on most of the web platforms and markets because the conditions of a valid trade are not generally adhered to.

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Include caretakers in Budget 2018

Looking after special needs individuals is a huge challenge, so support from the Government would be most welcome.

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Where are Islamic ETFs heading?

For the upcoming Budget, it’s worth remembering that these financial products can help to position the country as a global hub.

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An urgent task for Muslim youths

This generation’s challenge is to have the right attitude and to put knowledge into practice.

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Strengthening ethical basics of conduct

Since the law does not deal with the root causes of crimes, prevention should come from inculcation of ethics and education.

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Rights of children in Islam

Protecting our offspring means helping them to fulfil their true potential.

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Revisiting history without bias

Using proper methodology, sound and valid arguments, any debate could spark a real interest in history itself.

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Managing quality and risks with MS1900

Abiding by principles derived from the Quran and the Sunnah will drive any institution towards business excellence.

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Let knowledge guide rulers and warriors

Their duty is to ensure peace and security through defence and maintenance of the city or ‘madinah’.

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Prerequisites in higher-order thinking process

Observation and description serve as the bases for other thinking skills such as analysis and synthesis.

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