Global Trends

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Fighting the virus of hate

EXPRESSIONS of hatred are unfortunately marring the many examples of humanity’s best qualities at this challenging moment for our species.

Making Progress

MCO musings: A reflection

Everything feels strange, unusual and quite frankly unbelievable. However, there is also a feeling that we have seen it unfold before. On our televisions or in cinemas – we have seen many movies depicting the circumstances unfolding now.

Reflecting On The Law

Present constitutional dilemmas

Parliament should be convened immediately to show due respect to this august institution and comply with traditions of democracy to tackle these issues amid fight against Covid-19.

Vital Signs

Uniting for better health after Covid-19 has passed

This last Vital Signs column takes a look at the lessons we (hopefully) take away from the Covid-19 pandemic.

So Aunty, So What?

Have WiFi, will stay home

Keeping our technology alive is what’s keeping us connected, safe and sane.

Colours of China

A limit to warm hospitality

The help provided to some foreigners in China during the virus outbreak has caused misunderstanding among the locals.

The Bitter Truth

Address ambiguity over enforcement of MCO

THE case of 24 seminarians of College General Penang charged and convicted for breaching the movement control order (MCO) is a troubling one.

All the pieces matter

Makcik Pia and the new MCO2 crowds

Restricting movements sometimes creates more crowding, and greater risk of infection. Is that what we want?

Through Many Windows

Covid-19: Power of compassion

Pandemic or otherwise, it is these rakyat who rise up to the occasion. If only this power of compassion can be unleashed consistently in peaceful and better times.

Heart Talk

Time to sanitise our souls too

Let’s purge our souls of bigotry as we sanitise our hands several times daily during this pandemic.


More tests ahead for Muhyiddin

It has been a difficult first month for Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, but he has shown experience, focus and savviness as he made his way through the landmines of power.