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Colours of China

Educators should be role models

A FEW years ago, I met a Star Wars fan who not only watched the movie series but also collected all the merchandise and attended the side events both in Malaysia and overseas.

Putting Dr G On The Spot

Dirty Pillow Talk

Silent Sam asks Dr G about bedroom problems.

Heart Talk

Life is more than just about politics

Instead of getting riled up by the antics of our politicians that are beyond our control, why don’t we focus on our family, friends and neigbours instead?

On The Beat

Dicing with danger

Encouraging stats of Covid-19 cases could easily cause a catastrophe if we neglect being careful, so let’s not undo our frontliners’ hard work.

It's Just Politics

Muhyiddin’s crucial Parliament Speaker test

Perikatan’s moment of truth comes tomorrow in Parliament and, hopefully, it will settle the numbers game.

The Star Says

Vital to prevent a new wave of infections

AFTER almost four months, the Health Ministry declared the Sri Petaling tabligh Covid-19 cluster over on Wednesday, July 8.


Big test for Muhyiddin and Anwar when they face off in Parliament

IT had been the quietest week in a long while for Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who turns 95 today (July 10).

What's Your Status?

The Strange Life of Salim the Refugee: Part 3

Refuge: (noun) the state of being safe or sheltered from pursuit, danger, or difficulty.


Digital Parliament of ideals and hope

Lessons to be learnt from 222 young Malaysians debating on the economy and education.

On Your Side

‘Covid waste’ littering the planet

Protecting the environment with the efficient disposal of face masks is going to be a major headache for countries around the world.

One Man's Meat

Into the jaws of civilisation

WHEN teacher Edmond Goyong needs internet access, he drives a 4WD for six kilometres to a hill. That sounds ridiculous, but not when you’re in a remote school in the east coast of Sabah.

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