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Reflecting On The Law

Observe the spirit of the Constitution

Any course of action adopted must show fidelity to the Constitution and laws.

So Aunty, So What?

Warning! Angry when dry

Our taps, that is. Already stressed out by the pandemic, who can blame people for being very short-fused when pollution keeps disrupting our water supply?

Colours of China

The youngest dinosaur tracker

A five-year-old is the youngest Chinese to discover traces of prehistoric life in the country.

Putting Dr G On The Spot

Pearly imperfections in the pants

I am 25 years old and have some kind of skin problem on my glans penis.

The Star Says

Better equipped to flatten the curve

WITH Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, Sabah and Selangor placed under a conditional movement control order (MCO) following the spike in Covid-19 cases nationwide, the onus is on every Malaysian now to play a greater and crucial role in flattening the infection curve.

On The Beat

Enough of overdrive politicking

While the Covid-19 pandemic and struggling economy has gripped the nation and Malaysians, our power jostling politicians continue to be more preoccupied with power and positions.

All the pieces matter

Merry-go-round hostage politics

If Anwar Ibrahim became PM based on support from the likes of Najib Razak or Zahid Hamidi, would he still be the Anwar we knew? Would such a government be stable?

It's Just Politics

‘Malaysia’s House of Cards’, season 2

Politics is currently very messy and fluid in Malaysia, worthy of a political thriller TV series.


Dr M and Ku Li join forces to take down Anwar

THREE men may determine what happens in Putrajaya in the coming weeks. Two harbour hopes of becoming the next prime minister whereas the third has been prime minister twice.

All the pieces matter

Please be clearer about CMCO rules (or, the ‘districts’ issue)

Malaysians are perfectly willing to do their part to flatten the Covid-19 curve, but how can they follow the rules if they don’t know what the rules are?

One Man's Meat

Philip Golingai tests negative for Covid-19

I’m not sure which is more stressful undergoing a Covid-19 test or waiting for its result

Along The Watchtower

Con men and crooked cops

ARE Malaysians really so gullible? The amount of money being lost to scammers is indeed mind-boggling – RM2.5bil last year and RM2.8bil in 2018. And based on the growing number of cases, it is likely to be more in 2020.

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