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Heart Talk

Welcome to Malaysia, where political dishonesty is fine

IS HONESTY still the best policy? Is it also vital to keep your promises? At least that’s what I was taught by my parents to do while growing up.

All the pieces matter

Malaysia’s biggest betrayal in history. What’s next?

DEMOCRACY has been betrayed.Malaysia has been betrayed.We – the rakyat – have all been betrayed.

Colours of China

Solo dining and no talking, please

Companies and restaurants are taking further measures to curb the spread of Covid-19.

Putting Dr G On The Spot

Too ill for sex

How do individuals suffering from chronic illnesses cope with the end of sex life?


Is Modi unstoppable?

What BJP’s election loss in Delhi means for Indian politics.

On The Beat

The good, the bad and the ugly

It takes all kinds to dominate in a world obsessed with economic might and political power.

The Star Says

Value life, don’t drink and drive

IF you have been reading the news, it seems like almost every other day, someone is involved in a drink driving accident and innocent lives are lost.

Siti Lights

Rock-solid oath

The promises made by the then-Malayan government to Sabah when Malaysia was formed in 1963 were literally cast in stone — the historical boulder in Keningau which serves to remind us of our rights to religious freedom, land, culture and customs.

It's Just Politics

An end to one man’s ambition?

What are Anwar’s prospects now that Dr Mahathir has been officially allowed to leave his resignation date open?


Uneasy transition lies ahead

The Prime Minister may have emerged with a stronger hand after a meeting that saw his coalition partners divided on the issue of a specific handover date to his successor.


Celebrating a decade of Ideas

Think tank pledges to provide a voice and a platform for the development of the country according to the principles of Malaysia’s foundations.

On Your Side

Jom, let’s go local

Efforts to lure tourists, not just foreign ones, should not just be on the shoulders of the Tourism Ministry. Don’t just depend on travel agents, airlines and hotels as other stakeholders like the local government authorities are equally important.