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Through Many Windows

For checks and balances

THE Dewan Rakyat speaker, it was reported, said that he had received a notification letter from the Prime Minister stating that the agenda of the Parliamentary sitting on May 18 has been amended to focus only on the royal address. The reason for limiting the agenda is said to be the Covid-19 pandemic.

On The Beat

A matter of priority

I CAN’T be certain if Malaysians share my sentiments, but I get indigestion from the intense politicking in our country currently.Most of us are emotionally and financially drained from 60 days of the movement control order (MCO), in which time most businesses have taken a beating.


Mini power struggle in Kedah

THE olive branch that Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin held out to his predecessor Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has finally snapped.

The Star Says

It’s our duty to prevent a second wave

LAST Monday, 55 days since the unprecedented movement control order (MCO) was introduced on March 18, the government finally lifted some of the restrictions imposed, allowing more businesses to open and jump start the economy.

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Never a dull moment as 2019 begins

VERY soon after 2019 began, the country has been engrossed in new political developments: the resignation of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, the meeting of the Prime Minister with the Johor Ruler, the debate on where to draw the line between freedom of speech and insults to the powers that be, new corruption cases ... And so on.

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2018: End of an era

This is the last day of a landmark year, both nationally with the collapse of the old regime, and globally with the crumbling of the post-1945 world liberal order.

Global Trends

From trade war to global anarchy?

The arrest of a top Huawei executive may spark a conflict that could cripple America’s rivals and unleash chaos in the world order.

Global Trends

Keeping technology and society in check

The Digital Age is now upon us, for better or worse. There is a need for a national digital economy and society policy to realise the promises while minimising the pitfalls.

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Not all smooth at regional meetings

Malaysia punched above its weight at last week’s Asean Summit, where key decisions on the RCEP trade deal were postponed because many issues were unresolved.

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Trade pacts may hinder regulation

MANY governments are working on national policies on the digital economy. They correctly believe that the forces of computerisation, robotics and artificial intelligence are fast changing production and consumption systems.

Global Trends

Global factors will affect 11MP

NEW alarm over climate change and a looming financial crisis were two themes hitting the headlines recently.

Global Trends

Economic issues take centre stage

SEVERAL events this month will put the spotlight on economic issues in Malaysia and globally.

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