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Federalisation for a stable environment

THE second paper by Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (Ideas) fellow Tricia Yeoh on federalism is titled “The Political Economy of Federal-State Relations” and makes for concise but fascinating reading on how ministries, agencies and other federal bodies have been established and empowered over and above institutions and mechanisms at the state level: “the politico-bureaucratic complex”.

Reflecting On The Law

Posers on constitutional position

ALL crises produce heroes or bystanders. Malaysia’s frontline workers of the Covid-19 catastrophe were rightly applauded as national heroes by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong in his Royal Address to Parliament on May 18.

So Aunty, So What?

May these people burn in hell

ON Saturday I learned of an act so evil that I broke down in tears. It was the murder of pregnant women, new mothers, infants and nurses in an Afghan hospital.

Colours of China

Finding pleasure at the wrong place

THE temperature is rising and Beijing is slowly moving into summer.

Science, She Wrote

The Covid-19 Chronicles: The changes we should aim to keep

Some changes should be kept as we fight Covid-19; we cannot afford to revert to old habits

Putting Dr G On The Spot

Is a lack of morning erections a sign of erectile dysfunction?

Stress and relationship strain can also affect sexual desire and frequency of spontaneous erection.

All the pieces matter

Democracy in Malaysia 2.0

AS we transition from the movement control order (MCO) to the conditional MCO, it looks like we are also transitioning from a short-lived ceasefire back into the full on political war that began with the Sheraton Move.

Through Many Windows

For checks and balances

THE Dewan Rakyat speaker, it was reported, said that he had received a notification letter from the Prime Minister stating that the agenda of the Parliamentary sitting on May 18 has been amended to focus only on the royal address. The reason for limiting the agenda is said to be the Covid-19 pandemic.

On The Beat

A matter of priority

I CAN’T be certain if Malaysians share my sentiments, but I get indigestion from the intense politicking in our country currently.Most of us are emotionally and financially drained from 60 days of the movement control order (MCO), in which time most businesses have taken a beating.


Mini power struggle in Kedah

THE olive branch that Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin held out to his predecessor Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has finally snapped.

The Star Says

It’s our duty to prevent a second wave

LAST Monday, 55 days since the unprecedented movement control order (MCO) was introduced on March 18, the government finally lifted some of the restrictions imposed, allowing more businesses to open and jump start the economy.

It's Just Politics

Bersatu civil war: Tun versus Tan Sri

THE word “bersatu” – meaning unite – in the name of Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia is ironic at the moment.

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