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What is gene therapy?

Advances in medical technology means that some diseases can be treated using human DNA.

Reflecting On The Law

Learning to live together in harmony

The Malay Rulers can play a significant role to moderate extremism in all forms and build bridges of understanding.

So Aunty, So What?

The world in one word

IT’S the year of Covid-19 so it comes as no surprise that “pandemic” is indeed the declared Word of the Year (WOTY) by two esteemed dictionary publishers.

Women's World

Could vitamin D and zinc help to prevent Covid-19?

With their role in the immune system, experts are studying the possibility of vitamin D and zinc protecting against infection and reducing the severity of Covid-19.

Over the Top

Insensitive words of Kedah MB may be interpreted as unprofessional conduct

THE rude and insensitive rantings of Kedah Mentri Besar Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor may be seen as the incompetent and unprofessional conduct of one person, or an example of the future of Malaysia under Perikatan Nasional and the so-called ‘Islamic’ party, PAS.

Dear Thelma

Dear Thelma: My fiancé is dishonest and abusive, and I have had enough

This distraught woman confides in Thelma that things are getting out of hand in her relationship. He has had affairs, and fights over the smallest things. He would also yell at her in front of his parents, using disrespectful words to scold her.

Katz Tales

Katz Tales: Behind the sweet looks is a feline pirate princess

Tic Tac is cute (and she knows it) as well as ruthless.

Putting Dr G On The Spot

Getting to the root of a kink in the pants

When addressing how straight a man can be, I am literally referring to the geometrical straightness of a man’s sexual organ. If one is contemplating that I am addressing issues of sexuality, one should really examine how one's imagination takes one completely off tangent.I am a 22 year-old man who is very new in my sexual encounters.

All the pieces matter

Gravity 2020

What is the new centre of gravity that will emerge from our growing vacuums?

On The Beat

Getting ready for Covid-19 vaccines

The dreadful year is coming to an end with optimism and hope in the air as we greet 2021.

It's Just Politics

The one with the strange bedfellows

‘I’ll be there for you, or you, or who’s-best-for-me you’ seems to be the theme song of the neverending Malaysian political ‘Friends’ sitcom.

The Star Says

NEC a timely cure for the job market

THE lifting of the conditional movement control order in phases starting Dec 7 is expected to have a positive impact on the country’s uncertain labour market as economic sectors regain their momentum following higher demand.

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