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The Covid-19 Chronicles: Risks and hidden things

Glancing through some happy Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2020 photos being shared online, it is difficult to reconcile the fact that we just experienced a Ramadan under the movement control order (MCO); that a globally disruptive pandemic still rages on. But these are details photos often miss.

Putting Dr G On The Spot

Hidden gems in the pants

Cryptorchidism is a relatively common congenital abnormality affecting either one or both sides of the testicles.

All the pieces matter

Malaysia 2.0: Reimagining political parties

Have political parties become stale? How can redesigning parties and movements lead to a revitalised, fresher approach to making Malaysia better?

On The Beat

A tip of the hat, please

A boost to TAR UC, with five decades’ worth of producing stellar graduates.

It's Just Politics

It’s a numbers game in Sabah

Everyone’s wondering which state government will fall next. Sabah’s case is particularly interesting because of how its government came into power.

The Star Says

Tougher action against drink driving long overdue

A drunk driver, according to a 2012 study by the Malaysian Insti­tute of Road Safety Research (Miros), is 13 times more likely to cause an accident compared to a sober person.


Dr M fights back like an angry tiger

IF the rumours swirling the whole of yesterday had come true, the country would be left with a hung Parliament today.

What's Your Status?

Entrepreneurs beating the odds, creating jobs during MCO

Lives and livelihoods will be lost, but as long as we work together, we can bounce back.


Raya abnormalities

NORMALLY, these corridors would permit young relatives to run, jump, chase each other or play hide and seek. Occasionally they wonder about the portraits on the walls and the trinkets in crammed cabinets: memorabilia of ancestors who once played in the same hallways. This year, the planks stayed uncreaked, sweat-free.

On Your Side

A hotbed of trouble

IT was the open secret that everyone was aware of, yet did not do anything about.

The Bitter Truth

Time to move on beyond Dr M

He does not ‘spark joy’ any longer, so it is time for the nation to move beyond Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and for politicians to learn that they cannot take him at his word.

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