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All the pieces matter

Go after drug lords, not drug addicts

“MALAYSIANNESS” is not a very well defined thing. Indeed, thinking about what makes Malaysians Malaysian has long been a personal preoccupation of mine.


Keep calm and be informed

The disease that is spreading faster than the novel coronavirus is a mental and emotional one that brands an entire race as dangerous.

On The Beat

One man’s meat...

Wild animals may have tickled the palates of the adventurous, but the spread of another deadly global disease should conclusively put paid to unnecessary dietary requirements.

The Star Says

The real truth in facing the coronavirus

AS the coronavirus spreads rapidly across the globe, misinformation about this virus that has already claimed 259 lives as of yesterday – all of them in China – has also evolved on social media.


Coordinating immunity for citizens

The government’s task is compounded by those who want to score political points even at a time when everybody should be listening to the scientists.

Reflecting On The Law

Improving the access to justice

THE administration of justice is the firmest pillar of government. Access to justice is, or should be, a fundamental right in a democratic society.

Vital Signs

Science and unity will save us

The coronavirus outbreak is a fight between species, not between countries. Therefore, science and unity will save Malaysia.

So Aunty, So What?

Could this be the chink in Trump’s armour?

An inspiring underdog story just in time for Chinese New Year.

What's Your Status?

A wish-list for education

The journey towards a world-class education system is continuous. What would you convey to the new Education Minister if you had the chance?

Putting Dr G On The Spot

Guilty Rat or Romancing Rodent

I am a female reader who is wondering you can solve my recent conundrum with my husband, and untangle the puzzles I have with my love life!


Peranakan Chinese: The hidden diversity in South-East Asia

The uniqueness of the Baba Nyonya legacy shows that the Chinese are not 'all the same' and will never be.

Through Many Windows

Effective communication vital for a progressive society

When we talk about freedom of speech, we also need to consider the quality of the communication and the opportunities available to do so.