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Putting Dr G On The Spot

Guilty Rat or Romancing Rodent

I am a female reader who is wondering you can solve my recent conundrum with my husband, and untangle the puzzles I have with my love life!

Through Many Windows

Effective communication vital for a progressive society

When we talk about freedom of speech, we also need to consider the quality of the communication and the opportunities available to do so.


Peranakan Chinese: The hidden diversity in South-East Asia

The uniqueness of the Baba Nyonya legacy shows that the Chinese are not 'all the same' and will never be.


‘Govt must not indulge in business’

GLC reform can only be properly achieved when the wider economic strategy of the country is articulated first.

On Your Side

Preventing a deadly outbreak

The fear is real all over the world and health officials have been instructed to be on high alert and take appropriate action to detect the coronavirus from spreading.

Making Progress

Kimanis: A harbinger of messier days

FIRST of all, a very Happy New Year. By-elections are always an exciting affair in Malaysian politics, and like most Westminster-style democracies, they have often been used a barometer of support for the government of the day.

Over the Top

Narrowing Malaysia’s dignity deficit

I WISH to raise the issue of what I term “the dignity deficit” in our society. I have had experiences with this as a university professor and as a civil society member in Malaysia.

The Bowerbird Writes

It’s dangerous to let The State decide

I AM against any idea that the state has the right to wiretap its citizens. It is downright unethical and unwarranted.

Putting Dr G On The Spot

Gender differences in sexual response to Yam Seng

I read with interest your Christmas Article highlighting mixing booze with sex can be advantageous in moderation.


History repeats itself with the Taal volcano

What it’s like to live with a volcanic cloud over your head.

On The Beat

Slip sliding away

So low has our ringgit dipped that holidays in Thailand and Singapore have become fading memories for the average Malaysian.

The Star Says

Protecting the green, green grass of home

IT is something we often take for granted.