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All the pieces matter

Khairuddin should follow the voice of the majority and resign immediately

A minister who failed to exemplify adherence to the law is now failing to heed his own hypocritical advice.

Colours of China

Going through the drills for marriage

FOR many young women in China, getting hitched is a must and this is especially so when their parents keep on pestering and nagging them until they get married.


Embracing the Rukun Negara

IN Seremban on Aug 31 this year, there were no schoolchildren waving flags, no uniformed officers performing perfectly synchronised salutes, no platoons of rifle-spinning soldiers, no giant Jalur Gemilang held preciously yet tautly by trusted hands, no daredevil acrobatics through fiery hoops by special forces, no fleets of ambulances or fire trucks, no rumbling of PT-91M tanks with their crew turning as their turrets pass the royal dais, no spirited shouts of “kiri, kiri, kiri kanan kiri” from NGO leaders unused to military precision, no flag-bearing daredevils chosen more for their parachuting skills than their interest in vexillology, and no demonstrations of silat or silambam by fearless kids ready to use their skills against a real enemy of the nation.

Putting Dr G On The Spot

Cut Short for shortcoming

I am 35 year-old sexually active-man who has been having a lot of trouble with premature ejaculation.

With All Due Respect

‘Laws grind the poor, rich men rule the law’

Now, after more than 30 years in legal practice and soon becoming a sexagenarian, it saddens me that we still see, after 63 years of Merdeka and 50 years of the Rukun Negara, the many inequalities and injustices in our society.

All the pieces matter

The great Malaysian food court

MALAYSIANS are hungry.

On The Beat

Wine and wonder in the Bible

A PILGRIMAGE to Jerusalem, the holy land of Christians, wouldn’t be complete without visiting the Church of Cana, more popularly known as the Wedding Church.

It's Just Politics

The winners and losers in the Slim by-election

WILL the real winner of the Slim by-election, please stand up?

The Star Says

Spend wisely in these troubled times

THE fact that at least 100 people are enrolling every single day with the national Credit Counselling and Debt Management Agency (AKPK) for help to manage their debts should sound an alarm for all of us.


Why is the Chinese political ground so cold?

TAN Sri Muhyiddin Yassin must have been on cloud nine the past few days. One survey after another has pointed to the Prime Minister as the man of the hour.

The Star Says

Outrageous water cuts and excuses

THE unscheduled water cuts in the Klang Valley ARE getting to be a scheduled inconvenience to consumers.

On Your Side

The best that Malaysia can offer

THE recent heavy traffic along the North-South Highway as well as long lines at the toll plazas were an indication that Malaysians are travelling – not overseas, but locally.

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