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Science, She Wrote

Covid-19 Chronicles #13: Don’t let science be trumped by self-interest

We were doing so well. Daily life was resuming. Surviving businesses were getting a chance to pick up.

On The Beat

Catch-22 a-calling

THE most disturbing news of the week has to be Covid-19 returning with a vengeance. Sure, it never went away, but this looks to be the scariest wave of the pandemic yet.

All the pieces matter

Uniting instead of dividing

IT feels like we live in an era of being torn apart.

It's Just Politics

Rumbling from the Sabah state election

WHEN it was clear that Warisan Plus had lost the Sabah state election, the phones of leaders from the victorious Gabungan Rakyat Sabah (GRS) started to the ring with overtures. Leaders from the losing alliance were calling politicians from the other side of the political divide to entice them to jump.

The Star Says

Cement resolve to fight Covid-19

THE recent spike in Covid-19 cases nationwide is worrisome.


Erratic moves of Umno president under scrutiny

BECOMING the president of Umno was once the stairway to power, but that did not happen for Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi as he has been fighting one fire after another in his party.

On Your Side

These are extraordinary times

While we might pride ourselves on being a democratic country, right now public health and safety should take precedence over democratic processes.

What's Your Status?

Youth navigating Malaysian politics; time for political literacy

Young, hopeful and discerning Malaysian youth say that political education is a must

All the pieces matter

Are snap elections worth the spike in Covid-19 cases?

There is talk about an impending snap general election, but we would all do well to consider the Covid-19 situation, especially since we are now facing the aftermath of the Sabah state elections.

Over the Top

An education towards... ignorance?

FRANKLY speaking, I am worried. I have been watching the goings on in this country intently and I have come to two worrying conclusions.

The Bowerbird Writes

The birth of a new political culture?

With what is happening in Malaysia’s political landscape of late, voters have every reason to be sceptical and believe that politicians have only one code of conduct – protecting their own interests.

Colours of China

Toughest job in the world

With a demanding and unhealthy work culture, and now extra pressure from the school, some parents are finding it hard to cope.

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