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It's Just Politics

An end to one man’s ambition?

What are Anwar’s prospects now that Dr Mahathir has been officially allowed to leave his resignation date open?

Siti Lights

Rock-solid oath

The promises made by the then-Malayan government to Sabah when Malaysia was formed in 1963 were literally cast in stone — the historical boulder in Keningau which serves to remind us of our rights to religious freedom, land, culture and customs.

The Star Says

Value life, don’t drink and drive

IF you have been reading the news, it seems like almost every other day, someone is involved in a drink driving accident and innocent lives are lost.


Celebrating a decade of Ideas

Think tank pledges to provide a voice and a platform for the development of the country according to the principles of Malaysia’s foundations.

On Your Side

Jom, let’s go local

Efforts to lure tourists, not just foreign ones, should not just be on the shoulders of the Tourism Ministry. Don’t just depend on travel agents, airlines and hotels as other stakeholders like the local government authorities are equally important.

Making Progress

Time to stop the political games

THE last couple of months have been very interesting for Gerakan as the party has found itself, perforce, in the political limelight after being in the wilderness since the previous general election.


Pakatan leaders want a definite date

Dr M says he would hand over in November, but some are demanding for a specific timetable

All the pieces matter

Is Pakatan failing due to bad communications strategy?

THE political secretary of a senior Pakatan Harapan leader recently commented on how the coalition was losing the social media war, and how Umno was successfully using the simple message that Pakatan was insidiously dominated by one race to great effect.

Over the Top

My ‘sixth’ Rukunegara principle

WHEN the Rukunegara was introduced, I was in Standard 3 at St Mark’s Primary School in Butterworth. I remember my teacher calling me up along with two other friends.

Colours of China

Sex education by accident

SCHOOLS across China have postponed the start of the spring semester to avoid the spread of Covid-19 (novel coronavirus).

The Bowerbird Writes

Move on like the Indonesians

DURING my two-week trip to Indonesia, I observed there was a serious discussion about ekonomi koronavirus (literally coronavirus economy). The debate was on the impact of the outbreak, particularly to Indonesia. Ironically, as of last Thursday, there was no case of the disease among its populace or reports of foreigners contacting the disease.

The Bitter Truth

Pakatan in need of a clear succession plan

HIGHLANDER, the 1986 action fantasy is a cult classic that remains on the "must watch" list of many a movie buff.