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Putting Dr G On The Spot

Unhappy endings

A diabetic sufferer enjoys a full sex life – but is coming up with blanks where it matters.

It's Just Politics

Turn, turn, turn

DOES Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim have the numbers to be Prime Minister?

Asian Editors Circle

Fixing Bollywood, in more ways than one

A promising actor’s suicide exposes Bollywood’s underbelly and the politics over India’s wealthiest state.

On The Beat

Delusions of grandeur

US President Donald Trump made world headlines when he announced last week that he had contracted Covid-19, and then was immediately whisked to hospital.

The Star Says

Care for your mental health amid Covid-19

THERE have been a number of memes going around that basically riff off the fact that many of us just want this year to be over and done with.


Will Anwar’s 22-year wait end on Tuesday?

DATUK Seri Anwar Ibrahim is almost within touching distance of his dream job if his claims to having the numbers is to be believed.


Everyone must adhere to SOP

ACROSS social media, the level of anger among Malaysians directed towards the political class, seen to be a primary source of recent infections, has been trending.

Reflecting On The Law

The appointment of Sabah’s CM

It is time to put electoral shenanigans behind and get on with the task of governance.

All the pieces matter

Is it time for a #DIYMCO?

We don’t need to wait for the government to implement restrictions: companies, organisations, and individuals should self-restrict immediately in a ‘do it yourself’ MCO.

So Aunty, So What?

My mother, my child, my duty

Our columnist has come to realise there is a greater threat to her aged mum than Covid-19.

Colours of China

Time for celebrations

It is a week-long holiday for the Chinese for the mid-autumn festival and national day celebration but with Covid-19 still a threat, many are still cautious.

Putting Dr G On The Spot

Gender Disparity in Alcoholic Sex

Alcohol is known to be able to loosen up the tension between lovers, heightening the arousal and reducing inhibitions in the bedroom. As such, the implication that alcohol works like a magic potion for lovemaking has been around for many generations - a point repeated often in pop culture.

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