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Putting Dr G On The Spot

Ways to control circumcision pain

Circumcision is the surgical removal of the skin covering the glans penis, which has been practised since the ancient times.

Through Many Windows

To achieving national unity

We need to feel that Malaysia is really our home; only then will we love it unconditionally and be willing to make sacrifices for the sake of the nation.

On The Beat

Running on faith

Can we all be trusted to play it safe? That’s the question.


Work together to stop fourth wave

THERE’S an imminent possibility of a fourth wave of Covid-19 infections hitting Malaysia if we relax adhering to the SOP.

It's Just Politics

Who would get your ‘unpopular’ vote?

Here’s a mental exercise to while away some time until the next general election.


DAP’s dilemma - Chinese first or Malaysian first?

As the party polls draw closer, what direction will DAP take?

Curious Cook

Curious Cook: Synthetic fertilisers and the environment

The effects of synthetic fertilisers on the environment and how changing your diet can significantly alter your carbon footprint.

On Your Side

Malaysia at Covid-19 crossroads

DESPITE the snail’s pace of our current vaccination efforts, I fully expect a travel bubble to be opened up between Malaysia and Singapore by next month.

The Doctor Says

Covid-19 vaccines: Facts about the myths

Our columnist shares some common Covid-19 vaccine myths he has come across, and the actual facts relating to them.

Over the Top

Learning from Hang Tuah

There is value to be found in the legendary story of a Malay warrior who was a model of courage, loyalty – and progressive cosmopolitanism.

Big Smile, No Teeth

Big Smile, No Teeth: What will our lives be like in 20 years?

Will we be sitting in autonomous cars driven by an AI? One thing's for sure, technology will lead the way forward.

Colours of China

Overwhelmed by responsibilities

TURNING 20 is the start of adulthood. It is supposed to be a wonderful time when one works hard to chase after dreams and looks forward to the future.

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