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On The Beat

Another brick in the wall

Education is that realm where wrongs are set right and learning thrives, yet, right off the bat, the new
matriculation intake has found itself in murky waters.


Worrying signals from the heartland

KHAIRY Jamaluddin had been unsure about whether he wanted to be part of the increasingly cosy ties between PAS and Umno.

Through Many Windows

Debunking the modern feudal mindset

In a democracy, every citizen has equal opportunities to prosper, progress and determine the way he wants to live his life in accordance with the law.

It's Just Politics

All about the personalities

Rather than issues, the Sandakan by-election campaign has so far been about the
personalities of two candidates with similar starts to their political lives and different
approaches to campaigning.

All the pieces matter

A win-win for all

I understand how many police officers feel about the Independent Police Com-plaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC).

Sharing The Nation

Time to learn from BN’s mistakes

As its honeymoon year draws to a close, the Pakatan Harapan government needs to summon the political will and courage to do more of what is right and what is just and start fulfilling its promise of change and to make life better for all.


Whither now, Malaysia Baharu?

IT is an Oxford tradition for students to pin a carnation to our sub fusc (academic gown) when sitting for examinations.

One Man's Meat

A chicken and egg situation

WHICH – in terms of rising prices – came first, the chicken or the egg? For the owner of a cafe in Kuala Lumpur famous for its fried chicken and butter cake (requiring many eggs), it is the egg.

On Your Side

A year of hits and misses for the govt

NEXT week will mark a year since Malaysia witnessed a change of government.


On constitutional nullification

“JIKALAU anak cucu Tuanku dahulu mengubahkan perjanjian, anak cucu patik pun mengubahkan ia.”(If your descendants break your agreements, mine will do the same.)

Along The Watchtower

Plunge in popularity

WHAT a difference a year makes. In a week, the Pakatan Harapan government will mark its first year in power but in stark contrast to the height of popularity it enjoyed then, support for the coalition has plunged.

All the pieces matter

Matriculation score: Old Malaysia: 9; New Malaysia: 1

AN in-class experiment conducted in one of my university classes a lifetime ago seems to have stuck with me for quite some time.