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A Humble Submission

Hopes for the new Parliament

In GE14, the current group of MPs helped make history. But they have a lot more to do, including pushing for reforms and improving parliamentary proceedings.

Law For Everyone

About police action and inaction

There can be situations where the law is obeyed and yet the conduct is improper.

Making Progress

Getting my feet wet

Despite the initial setback faced by Gerakan and other Barisan Nasional component parties in the 12th General Election or better known colloquially as 308 because it was on March 8, 2008, there was a general sense of excitement that was also tempered with trepidation as Gerakan faced its 37th National Delegates Conference (NDC) on Oct 11 and 12, 2008.

So Aunty, So What?

What’s new, Malaysia?

Here’s hoping what the old government failed to do, the new one will.

Along The Watchtower

A state of ‘white elephants’

The new Melaka government faces the tough challenge of resolving the state’s financial woes, largely due to the previous administration’s many costly and unprofitable projects.

Colours of China

Food represents love for Teng

“WHERE there is water, there are the Chinese; where there are Chinese, there are Teresa Teng’s songs.” This is how people describe the popularity of the late singer, an all-time superstar from Taiwan.

The Bowerbird Writes

Victors should engage with the defeated

I HAVE experienced it first-hand. It wasn’t my first and last such experience, but certainly my most traumatic.

Putting Dr G On The Spot

A tale of 'undercuts' … or not?

Can you snip off too much or too little during circumcision, a reader asks

Siti Kasim Thots

Religion cannot be the legal basis

LET me get to the point. I don’t care what your religion says - wrong is wrong.

Behind The Headlines

Time for East Asia

AS an indication of how out of touch some international pundits of Asia are, they still call North-East Asia (China, Japan and Korea) “East Asia.”

On The Beat

Much ado about nothing

THE proceedings at the High Courts are conducted mostly in English, as it is a language that many of our senior lawyers and judges, regardless of their race, are accustomed to.

Sharing The Nation

Music to the ears

EVERYDAY I wake up in this new Malaysia, thankful for the courage of Malaysians to bring about change. I am beginning to watch local TV news, discovering local hosts and learning more about the newly-elected MPs, and being most impressed by the fluency of DAP Ministers and MPs speaking in the national language.