QuickCheck: Is it true that there's a 'village of twins' in India?

IT is said that twins not only have similar facial features but sometimes have similar habits and even similar fashion sense.

Ever wondered what it would be like living with a pair of twins? How about living in a village that is full of twins?

Is it true that such a village exists?



Nicknamed the “Twin Town”, the quaint Indian village of Kodinhi in Kerala is home to over 400 pairs of twins!

This twin mystery has been happening for years now. Thousands of families reside in the small town, and many of these households have at least a pair of twins.

This bizarre phenomenon remains a marvel, as no one knows what causes it...not even scientists who visited the village in quest of an answer.

Villagers believe the explanation lies in the village’s waters, a gift to the folks. Meanwhile, researchers theorised dietary and environmental factors as the cause of the unique phenomenon.





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