QuickCheck: Is it true that identical twins have the same fingerprints?

HERE's a question; what happens if the fingerprints of someone with an identical twin is found at a crime scene? Would both of them be liable to be charged with a crime?

Could someone unlock their identical twin's phone if it is secured using biometric technology?

There’s a common belief that identical twins - which are the result of a fertilised ovum splitting and developing into two babies with the same genetic information - have the same fingerprints. Is this true?



While identical twins may look almost exactly the same at a glance, each twin will have their own unique set of fingerprints

According to the National Forensic Science Technology Center, “no two people have ever been found to have the same fingerprints – including identical twins.”

As such, it's probably safer to use your fingerprint to lock your phone rather than face recognition as a quick online search revealed that people have shared that their twin is able to unlock their phone if it is locked using facial recognition.

With that said, identical twins may still have similar-looking fingerprints that would be difficult to differentiate with the naked eye due to how they developed while still in the womb.

This is because fingerprints develop while we’re still in the womb, and the form they take is shaped by both genetic and environmental factors such as access to nutrition, position inside the womb and the rate at which our fingers grow

Therefore, it can be safely said that while identical twins may bear similar fingerprints, a closer inspection will reveal differences in more intricate details, like the spaces between ridges.

So rest assured, there’s no need to worry about being falsely accused of a crime or having your identity stolen by a secret evil twin.


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