QuickCheck: Is Belgium's football away kit inspired by comic character Tintin?

FOOTBALL kits are more than just sportswear; they often carry a slice of national pride or historical significance.

From the Netherlands' vivid orange to Croatia's distinctive red and white checks, each jersey tells a story.

But could it be that Belgium’s football team has taken inspiration from the world of comics for their away kit design?



The Belgian football team’s away attire pays homage to none other than the classic comic character Tintin.

While they sport the traditional red for home games, the away gear echoes Tintin's signature look, featuring a blue jersey with a white collar, complemented by brown shorts and white socks.

This nod to the beloved character was confirmed by Belgium Football Association CEO Piet Vandendriessche, an avowed Tintin enthusiast.

Describing the kit, Vandendriessche said, "As a big Tintin fan, I am delighted that our Red Devils will be conquering Europe in a jersey based on one of Belgium’s greatest heroes."

He expressed his admiration for Herge, the Belgian cartoonist behind Tintin, and his hope that the character's adventurous spirit would inspire the team at Euro 2024.

Tintin, a fixture of Belgian culture, first graced the pages of Brussels' Le Petit Vingtieme in 1929. Since then, his escapades have sold over 270 million copies in comic book form and have been translated into 70 languages.

The men's team wore the Tintin-inspired kit in a friendly match against England, which ended in a 2-2 draw.

As of the latest update, Belgium faced a setback with a 1-0 loss to Slovakia in their first Euro 2024 match and is set to play against Romania on Sunday morning, Malaysia time.

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