QuickCheck: Is it true that fish should not eat bread?

GOING to the park is a great recreational pastime for the weekend. Teeming with lush foliage, these green spaces provide a temporary escape from the bustling world outside.

During your leisurely morning stroll, you’ll most likely come across a pond (or two) that’s full of fish, so it’s not uncommon to see visitors feeding the aquatic creatures. But these "treats" are usually stale bread.

Apparently, you should refrain from doing so as it can lead to health problems for the fish.

Is this true?



Yes! Whether it’s a fish pet or fish in the wild, it’s not advisable feeding bread to them. This is because bread contains yeast, gluten and refined sugar, which can cause indigestion for the fish.

This results in constipation, bloating and in some severe cases, abdominal swelling, all of which are harmful to the fish. They lose the will to search for food due to a reduced appetite. For those who want to feed the fish, fish pellets are your best bet.

Meanwhile, bloating is much more dangerous for the fishes in the ocean: it causes lethargy – they refuse to swim. This makes them an "easy target" to predators.

So never feed (or touch) any marine creatures while snorkelling or diving.


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