QuickCheck: Is it true photocopy machines cannot detect banknotes?

AT some point in our younger days, we may have thought about "multiplying" our insufficient pocket money - perhaps so to afford the latest material temptation. But as enticing as it may have sounded, we also knew that such an act was criminally wrong.

So, is it true that you can’t copy money?



Realistically, even if you wanted to print your banknotes, no printers (and scanners) in the world will allow you such illegal undertakings; as the photocopy machines literally cannot recognise your money.

This has something to do with the hidden symbols embedded in your currency. These secret codes appear in circles in the pattern of stars, hence its name, EURion Constellation.

For instance, these symbols can be seen as musical notes on British pounds and flowers on Japanese yen.

Computer scientist and researcher Markus Kuhn discovered this feature back in 2002 when he was trying to print a 10 Euro note in an experiment.

Of course, the attempt failed. Kuhn then saw a message which was printed in different languages, saying printing money is illegal.

However, the brainchild behind this - starry idea - remains a mystery today. But one thing we know for sure is that it was created to curb counterfeiting.


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