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Marvel Studios president: Don't eat or drink before watching 'Avengers: Endgame'

SEOUL, Korea (ANN): With Avengers: Endgame running over three hours, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige gives this piece of advice to people watching the film: "Don't eat or drink before going to see it."

Feige speaks during an Asia Press Conference to promote the film 'Avengers Endgame' in Seoul, South Korea, on April 15, 2019. – AP

Surveillance video shows two suspected suicide bombers in hotel before blast

A local Sri Lankan TV station has aired surveillance footage purportedly showing two suspected suicide bombers walking through the Shangri La hotel in Colombo before a deadly blast on Sunday. One of the men is was seen walking behind patrons in the hotel restaurant, before a white flash and shaky footage envelops the screen, allegedly showing the moment a bomb is detonated.

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Avengers: Endgame draws 3 million Chinese fans for Marvel-ous midnight show (don't worry, no spoilers)

Superhero blockbuster breaks box office records across the country, taking US$115 million in presales alone

Indonesian polls: Calls for review after 100-plus election workers, police die of exhaustion

JAKARTA (Bloomberg): The death from exhaustion of more than 100 Indonesian election workers and police officers during the world’s largest one-day vote has triggered calls for a review of the simultaneous presidential and legislative polls.

Chinese man sues supermarket that short-changed him out of 0.6 US cents

Retailer Yonghui apologises for ‘not respecting consumer’s rights’, pays back missing money
Court also orders store to pay US$7.50 in costs

Researchers working on self-inflating weight management pill

SINGAPORE (ANN): A self-inflating capsule being developed by local researchers could one day help overweight or obese people - for whom diet and exercise have proven futile - to shed the kilos.

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Two Cathay Pacific captains lose eyesight during flights, sparking probe by authorities

One captain was flying from Perth to Hong Kong when he told his first officer that he felt out of breath and his vision was impaired
In second incident, captain suffered a sudden loss of visual acuity for about 30 minutes on flight from Sapporo

Man, 47, charged with assaulting security supervisor at Singapore shopping centre

SINGAPORE (ANN): A man who allegedly punched a security supervisor at Roxy Square shopping centre in East Coast Road earlier this month was taken to court on Wednesday (April 24).

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Man jailed for 26 years for murdering six-month-old stepson, concealing body

BANGKOK (ANN): The Criminal Court on Tuesday sentenced a man to 26 years and three months in jail for murdering his six-month-old stepson and concealing the body in September last year, and for abusing methamphetamines.

How a gay student’s suicide after being outed is helping Japan’s LGBT community speak up

Gay graduate student was found dead on campus soon after he was outed in 2015
Japan’s LGBT community has long been silent about the struggles of coming out, and advocates say the country still has ‘a huge problem’ with insensitivity around the subject