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Holy rap! 'Funky' Japanese monk gets grannies in a spin

TOKYO: At a remote temple in Japan cradled by a croissant-shaped mountain range, Akinobu Tatsumi leads a rare double life – as a Buddhist monk who preaches about DJ-ing.

Japanese monk Tatsumi DJs for music fans at a venue in the forest near Nishihara village, Kumamoto prefecture. - AFP

Australian gets life in Philippine child sex abuse case

Manila (AFP) - An Australian man has been sentenced to life in a Philippine prison as part of a notorious child sexual abuse case in which prosecutors say he chained the victims like dogs.

Gerard Peter Scully of Australia (R) was convicted Wednesday of trafficking and rape by a court in the southern Philippines, three years after he was arrested there and accused of sexually abusing and filming girls including an 18-month-old baby

Hong Kong police smash World Cup gambling ring, seize $9.9 mn bets

Hong Kong (AFP) - Hong Kong police have smashed a football gambling ring and seized bets worth HK$78 million (US$9.9 million) in a crackdown on illegal bookmaking as the World Cup kicks off.

Police in Hong Kong are cracking down on illegal betting as the World Cup kicks off in Russia.

Hong Kong passes controversial bill for joint mainland rail checkpoints

Hong Kong (AFP) - Hong Kong lawmakers passed a controversial bill giving mainland authorities joint control over a new rail terminus Thursday despite angry protests the move would erode the city's autonomy from Beijing.

Pro-democracy demonstrators mount protests outside Hong Kong's Legislative Council as lawmakers passed a controversial bill giving mainland authorities joint control over a new rail terminus Thursday.

'iPal' robot companion for China's lonely children

Shanghai (AFP) - It speaks two languages, gives math lessons, tells jokes and interacts with children through the tablet screen in its chest -- China's latest robot is the babysitter every parent needs.

The "iPal" teaches, jokes and keeps track of its charges through facial recognition technology.

Japanese utility eyes scrapping nuclear plant

TOKYO: The utility responsible for meltdowns at a nuclear power plant in northeast Japan seven years ago said for the first time publicly that it might decommission another plant in Fukushima that narrowly escaped the crisis.

US zooming in on disarming N. Korea

Seoul: Kim Jong-un understands that denuclearisation must happen “quickly”, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said, warning there will be no sanctions relief for Pyong­yang until the process is complete.

Where’s Singapore? – Trump-Kim summit a PR coup for tiny city-state

SINGAPORE: As images of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un strolling by revellers at a rooftop bar the night before an unprecedented meeting with President Donald Trump circulated around social media sites, US citizens started asking “Where is Singapore?”.

Koreas holding talks to reduce tensions on border

SEOUL: The rival Koreas were holding rare high-level military talks to discuss reducing tensions across their heavily fortified border.

New chapter begins: Do-gyun (centre, right) shaking hands with a North Korean officer as he crosses over for the meeting at the northern side of Panmunjom in the Demilitarized Zone, North Korea. — AP

World Cup stickers: Hong Kong’s hard core Panini album collectors

Frantic search for 670 stickers brings back fond childhood memories in bid to complete album for Russia tournament