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Land-burning fines unpaid years after fires

JAKARTA: Indonesian plantation companies fined for burning huge areas of land since 2009 have failed to pay hundreds of millions of dollars in penalties meant to hold them accountable for actions that took a devastating environmental and human toll.

Rabies outbreak kills 12

Jakarta: The Health Ministry has said that from January to February this year, 628 people were infected with rabies nationwide, with at least 12 cases that turned fatal.

Preventive measure: A vet vaccinating a dog in Kampung Melo, Indonesia. — The Jakarta Post/Asia News Network

Thai princess gets back to work with youth

PHICHIT: Clad in leg-hugging pants and a jacket studded with glittering hearts, Thai Princess Ubolratana Rajakanya (pic) performs a cheeky luk thung number that leaves her audience gyrating downstage.

European wireless carriers raise concerns over reduced 5G competition

The advent of 5G will enable innovations in artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and big data.

Huawei is fighting back amid accusations of violating US trade sanctions on Iran and stealing trade secrets. —SCMP

HK testing smart prisons with tracking wristbands and drug detection robotic arms

Hong Kong's Correctional Services chief Danny Woo says new technologies can help ensure safety by detecting prisoners’ abnormal behaviour more efficiently.

The department said the robotic arm would free officers from the unpleasant task as it automatically broke down faecal matter. — SCMP

Potatoes star in N. Korea cook-off

Pyongyang: Lined up in cavernous rooms at a state restaurant in Pyongyang, North Korean chefs carefully assemble their dishes, watched by crowds of onlookers at a cooking competition in a country that suffers chronic food shortages.

Spud-tacular: Visitors looking at food made using potato flour displayed on a table during the North Korea’s national cooking competition in Pyongyang. (Below) ‘Naengmyeon’, or cold potato noodles displayed during the cooking competition. — AFP

China sinks teeth into chocolate

BEIJING: For Chu Jing, a 28-year-old white collar worker who is getting married today, Western Valen­tine’s Day chocolates are her candy of choice.

Sweet treat: Hershey’s chocolates are among the popular choices for wedding favours in China.

Robots a useful stand-in for jittery spouse hunters

TOKYO: The Contents innovation Prog­ram (CiP) Association, a Minato Ward, Tokyo-based foundation that seeks to develop artificial intelligence, robotics and other technologies, organised an event to help those lacking confidence in their conversation skills to casually participate in their search for a spouse.

Robot lifts bits of melted fuel at Fukushima plant

Tokyo: A robot arm has successfully picked up pebble-sized pieces of radioactive fuel at Japan’s Fuk­ushima nuclear plant in a complex operation seen as key to clean-up efforts after the 2011 meltdown, officials said.

Inspection teams reinforce nationwide crackdowns

BEIJING: By October last year, 10 national inspection teams headed by ministerial-level officials had visited 10 provinces and regions to ensure the smooth progress of an ongoing crackdown on gang-related crime.