Suu Kyi calls on Myanmar ethnic groups to put down arms and seek dialogue

  • Myanmar
  • Friday, 10 Jan 2020

Aung San Suu Kyi delivering the opening speech at the 8th Joint Implementation Coordination Meeting on Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement meeting in Naypyidaw on Jan 8.

NAYPYIDAW (Eleven Media Group): Taking up arms will not solve the problems of the country, Myanmar state counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi warned ethnic armed groups which have yet to sign the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA).

In the opening speech at the 8th Joint Implementation Coordination Meeting on Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement at the National Reconciliation and Peace Centre (NRPC) in Naypyidaw on Wednesday (Jan 8), she said the armed conflicts could only end with dialogue.

“I believe that we have learned a salutary lesson that it is through dialogue that the armed conflicts stretching out for over 70 years can be put to an end.

"Concerning the case of having more armed conflicts, we would like to remind you of the fact that taking advantage by means of stronger armed forces or playing with the fancy of finding other new solutions will never solve the problems of our country, ” said Suu Kyi.

“We discuss the action plans that will be implemented not only during the life span of the present government but also during that of the future government, there still remains some non-ceasefire ethnic groups and non-signatories of the NCA.

"Our NRPC and the Peace Commission have made every effort to get in contact with these groups for the sake of making the ceasefire agreement and being inclusive in the NCA. All ethnic armed groups are always welcome to come under the umbrella of the NCA for collective discussions, and if necessary, the door is open for you to have separate discussions as a single group, as stated in the NCA, ” she said.

“Our people have suffered the brunt of the 70 years of armed conflicts, and our innocent children have been going through the never-ending cycles of suffering. These sufferings are living proof of the bad outcomes of armed conflicts.

"The armed conflicts have affected our innocent people and their villages. The war victims have to live in miserable conditions in refugee camps. These are the visible bad results. But there are also bad impacts that we cannot see.

She added that building the democratic federal union is the exit path for the country.

“It is necessary to sit at the political roundtable discussions, speaking out your desires and needs and joining in our discussions. It is for this opportunity that the door of peace is open to all. I’d strongly urge you all to come through the door of peace in dignity and with full confidence, ” said Suu Kyi. - Eleven Media Group/Asia News Network

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