Cameras in private-hire cars, cabs can record audio

SINGAPORE: A year after taxis and private-hire cars were allowed to have inward-facing video cameras, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) said these cameras are also allowed to make audio recordings.

Yesterday, LTA cited a poll by the government feedback unit which found that 90% of respondents were in favour of such recordings.

LTA said having audio “makes the recordings more effective in supporting investigations into inappropriate or violent behaviour, as well as fare-related disputes”.

This new ruling will come into effect from July 15, along with a change which exempts buses from guidelines on recordings.

LTA said buses are in effect public spaces since they are shared by many people at any one time.

Taxi operators, ride-hailing firms and drivers who offer rides for payment (including some car-pool services) must obtain permission from LTA to install inward-facing cameras.Only three companies are authorised to install such devices: i Vision Pte Ltd, Solo Pte Ltd and SSTA Technology Develop­ment Pte Ltd.

All taxis and private-hire cars with such cameras must display signs informing passengers of their presence. — The Straits Times/Asia News Network

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